Committed to Providing Complete and Quality Timber Services

From Planning to Harvest, We Help You Maximize Your Investment

What We Do

Big Bend Timber Services, LLC (“Big Bend Timber”) has been committed to providing quality service in North Florida and South Georgia since 1987. Growing timber is a long-term investment and it is important to hire an experienced company that you can trust has your best interests in mind.

Big Bend Timber is also committed to maximizing your profit by eliminating a middleman. Our experienced and knowledgeable team will develop a harvest plan specific to your needs, efficiently harvest your timber, and safely transport your timber. The buck stops with us!

Our knowledge and expertise will ensure you receive the best guidance and service throughout your timber harvest.


Our friendly, trained foresters will walk you through every part of the timber harvesting process.  We take on the responsibility of flagging property boundaries, marking the timber to be removed, and managing the logging crew assigned to the harvest.  We feel it is vitally important for landowners to be educated when making a decision to sell their timber and our foresters are there to answer any questions.


Our experienced team will work with you to develop a plan to clean your harvested land, replant, and maintain your timber to ensure your investment is nurtured.

Timber Harvesting:

We currently operate five (5) company-owned logging crews.  All of these crews are Florida Master Logger or Georgia Master Timber Harvester certified and each has over 20 years of experience. We will work with you to develop a specific harvest plan to meet your needs, and then carry out that plan utilizing best management practices with an eye toward aesthetics and a mindset to maximize your profits.

Timber Transport:

Our fleet consists of 25 company-owned tractors that we use to transport timber to paper mills and saw mills throughout North Florida and South Georgia. Experience and safety are important, and each of our drivers are vetted and highly trained in both driving and safety procedures.

Meet Our Owners

Jerry “Jay” Walton, Jr.


Benjamin “Ben” Walton